Mental Health Care for All Ages

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control strongly recommend avoiding any unneeded contact with other people to prevent or minimize the spread of this virus.   We here at Child Psychiatry Associates want to do our part but recognize that our patients’ mental health needs are especially important during these trying and unprecedented times.

Therefore, we will be conducting evaluations, therapy, and physician appointments using telemedicine as much as reasonably possible.   We will use a telemedicine platform that maintains confidentiality and is HIPAA compliant.

We understand that telemedicine is not appropriate for all patients.  Also, it is not possible for those who lack Internet skills and/or connectivity.  Phone sessions can be done.

If you have any questions, please contact your provider to discuss what is best for you. 

From all information we have received thus far, insurance companies, Iowa Medicaid, and Medicare will cover our services.

To do telemedicine, open your Internet browser (Firefox and Chrome are preferred, Safari seems to work, but Explorer does not) and type in the web address for your provider as listed below.  Follow the directions as prompted and you will be “checked in”.  Once your provider sees this, the connections will be completed.   (You need to enable your camera and microphone in your browser.)

Your provider can help you with this process.

If the address for your provider is not listed, please call the office directly.

Thank you for your patience as we all adapt to this new process.

Molly Bruening:

Kathy Cobb-Stoner – 515-226-2506

Kim Comer – 515-226-2515

Dr. Dewdney –

Dr. Hopkins –

Dr. Kunze –

Maggie McGill –

Deb Newman –

Diane Palmer –

Dr. Pottebaum –

Judy Rinehart – 515-226-2509

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